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Don't know about you, but when I google "Renegade-X",
it is a "Downloads - Totem Arts" page that pops up first. ("first" as in: after Renegade-X.com)

Possibly, the vast majority of people from Google come in through this page.

But when I click that, it actually links to https://totemarts.games/forums/files/
Which brings up a fruitless upload page.

There's no intro, no product name that stands out. And nobody knows Totem Arts.
I fear that a big bunch of these people will just.. be confused and find another game to play.

People's attention span on the internet can definitely be that poor - I know this for a fact.
Ask any web designer, entrepreneur or PM who has ever A/B tested.

So, this community's churn rate was problematic enough already,
but now with the brand domain hijacked and SEO still in recovery there's now also less new players coming in.

I know it's not the end of the world, but personally I don't like it.
Especially since this new website's product presentation pages are absolutely brilliant IMO. Love it.


What I'd like to suggest is to implement a (temporary) smart redirect on that files upload page,
to point to the page that actually "sells", which is: https://totemarts.games/games/renegade-x/

This redirect function should detect if the visitor comes cleanly from Google. (= redirect them)
Or, if they consciously navigated to that page through the website. (= serve the file upload page)

For the time being until SEO further improves.

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On 5/14/2022 at 4:30 PM, roweboat said:

All the downloads are here actually, but it is a bit obtuse I agree.


When the website was just new, I myself literally thought I was on the wrong website before my mind further processed "Totem Arts".
And if I didn't know Totem Arts I would've thought I was nowhere near the real deal.

What you call "a bit obtuse", to me is something that simply does not register.


To me, it's a fun fact to know that only the fovea of the human eye registers detail.

What I've learned during my psychology education is that the "complete picture" that you see lives almost entirely in memory.
Your eyes make very quick (almost undetectable) and continuous twitches to keep this memory "up to date" by aligning the fovea.

While the rods offer unrecognizably vague contrasts yet are absolutely excellent at detecting movement,
the cones in the fovea you have to really scan your environment with to actually be able to see stuff.

You can try it out by attempting to hold your eyes still while having some kind of symbols in your lateral vision that you have never seen before.
Be aware that your eyes can twitch so fast that it is easy to "cheat", but nevertheless my proposition here being that you won't be able to read it.

And if we *would* really want to find out just how dramatic this effect is for our web page here then one could start an A/B test and serve different pages 50/50 to record its impact on the continuation of the user session.

People gonna miss it lol.

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On 5/20/2022 at 6:06 PM, Cronus said:

Yes we are working on SEO, thanks for that.  Check the downloads now, how does it look? :)

That looks amazing. :) 
Hopefully +15% new players this way.


Yes 15% guesstimate. I think it may be so significant because visitors have already been through Renegade-X.com and found nothing but drama there, literally suggesting that the project is dead. Then on second search attempt ("double-checking") they arrive at the previous empty-looking Downloads page with no logo in sight, and this again confirms the suspicion. It's double-trouble.

But because of your changes now, such a suspicion would be instantly debunked and these prospects are retained.

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