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bulldable mobile construction yard?(firestorm expension)


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any thought about adding a mobile construction yard for both nod and gdi to build. they could be used as alternatives for outpost to construct a small/medium base on the firestorm maps. with a truck high cost of peronal credits to build. 

they would move slow have a good bit of health/armor and cant be undeployed.

when deploying them u will get kickt out of the driver seat and it taked about 20-30 seconds for it to construct a smaller construction yard.

the construction yard gives a small/medium build size. like 1/2 or 2/3 of the capturable outposts. 

it doesnt share any of the upgrades/power from the outposts/base. 

the construction yard wil have the name of the player written on it that bought it. so pretty much a personal construction yard vehicle.

the upgrades u do with the construction yard are saved for when ya buy or  use another players construction yard.limit 1 per player (1)or squad not per team)

the player owned construction yard  doesnt share the team funds and rally's only on the players credits.

the tiberian ref build in this outpost could share with the team if player allows it could just add in a command like -ref share of to make the personal harv only supply credits to u 

all other buildings will be based on both u and the players personal research. personal research cost less credits then the team one.

example i upgrade my wf to be rank 3 vehicle's diff player is rank 2 he wont be able to build lvl 3 only lvl 2 vehicle's from my war factory

the upgrades could if possible be given to the entire squad if thats going to be a thing. with anti cheese mechanics. player only elligable for squad upgrades when its been 3-5 minutes in th squad when leaving it it resets the timer.

so what do any of ya think of this?

1. thats only if squad yards would be a thing.

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