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Timed C4 and Remote C4 blocking a character from firing


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well, i should have said 'almost blocking', it looks like that a few shots are still working fine

so here are two vids i recorded and wow the thumbnails are huge, damn its gonna fill your whole screen sorry :D
so well the first one is about timed c4s and the second one is about remotes
i also recorded an invincible bomberman (as timed block the shots, it's almost impossible to kill him using a soldier/marksman/shotgunner/offi/doza/mobius/whatever_is_not_doing_explosions_like_Megumin)


i would like to do more tests and oops first vid is cropped, i guess thumbnail is kinda buggy, i hope vid itself isnt
so hm eh yes as i said i would like to test more about the (almost) invincible bomberman stuff but i need someone (or 2 hehe) to work with me to do these tests 😛 i would like to check if timed can work as an "armor" and protect a character from enemy fire.

Btw i've heard that the timed and remote "blocking fire" bugs - or maybe the invincible bomberman? i'm not sure - should have been fixed, but.. i recorded these vids today :P well ehm, 11th October 2021 somewhere between 2am and 3am. Yea it's 4:38 am and i'm talkin' here, tf am i doin' of mah life. Anyway, these videos are quite recent so i assume, that if you did some fixes, they arent working - definitively need to do some tests with manbombing to ensure if bomberman got a space marine explosive armor or not hehe 😜 

anyway gotta go sleep naow, gud niiiiiight :ayaya:
we really need an ayaya emote here

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