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Ya'll know what I like? ( about renx)


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I like that the game has become playable at so many different times of the day lately.     No doubt that Firestorm Frenzy has helped in this regard.    I like that I can find games that are engaging and fun at a variety of times.    This is especially true because the game is FULL for HOURS! sometimes...

For me, in the past, the games would get busy around 3 or 4 pm.   This is Great if i had a short day at work, or a day off.     But lately I am amazed and happy to find games that are active in the evening.    Sometimes it is shocking!    Look at all these players...  and it is WHAT time???   Sometimes its not a lot of players.. but Some Times! it is a lot!    And sometimes when there are not very many players...  . .... the folks playing still make it fun...

That's what I like.



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Stop With the Colors!   ... all this action!         I cant Handle The fun !

Been seeing and playin in some Awesome small team game late at night EST .  !  Thanks for all the fun yall.

btw.  y'all is now in the Dictionary.     So Ya'll come on by and say Hi sometime.....

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