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Playername doesn´t take on ingame


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I took a break for few months and saw meanwhile there were some updates.


Now even i´ve put my name in the launcher, after i´m inside the game it shows "Playerxxx".

I have to setname everytime if i join a server or the map changes. Little bit annoying. 🤨


Edit: I play it through Steam.


Tried it with other names. Still same result.

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Ah, lol.... thought no one would ever response. ^^

<☾𝛼𝜀гเѕ↝ this is what i´m currently using in Steam.

On the launcher my name is displayed normal, but after i´m ingame it becomes to "Playerxxx".

Maybe, how you said, those letters can´t be read by the game and changes to a standard name.

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