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Dear renegade x US server....


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Dear Server,

   I take this opportunity to celebrate your existence.     I don't know where you came from,  but I am glad you are here.


Firstly, may I say,  your decision to be  15 min A.O.W. is AMAZING!  

( A.O.W. is All Out War - which is a timed match where the points can win the match.  As opposed to Marathon.)

I have already enjoyed several games and hope for many more.    Granted they are mostly games with only 1 or 2 players so far - but the funny thing is that on this server it was very easy to create some fun and enjoy the game even with a low population.    Throw in some bots,  focus on keeping teams balanced, and go for it.    See how many points you can score in 15 minutes and just enjoy the fights.    Less Meta game - more jousting.     Nice.    Losing a building seems less stressful as it will all be over shortly anyway. 


Secondly,   I think this concept is so solid that it may be time to consider modified versions.   Could this be used as a Tutorial/Trainer ?

1. Another Option is:  points win, 15 min match, with no building destruction option?    ?      

2. Creative mode.    This could be really amazing.    This set up is for training.    One experienced player could coach a new friend on the game quite easily in this format.       New player on one side.   Bots of decent difficulty on other side.    ??

3.  This is an old request.   We need to find a way to let humans group on  the same team if they prefer.    The recent wave of new players points to the Value in this proposition.    I have played a few games on this server already where it would have been helpful to have humans vs bots ability.


Big thanks to the server.   My dreams for the possible are only a testimony to the fun I have experienced.     Too much Fun!


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Where Are You Renegade X US server?

Am I the kiss of death?    Just when i was checking you out and appreciating your finer features....  you disappear!

When i turn on the game and there are only a few players....    Or when the ONE Big server is full....    I miss you. 

I could have some fun and maybe some other players might enjoy the fun as well...  but no...   My only option is marathon.... 

And its marathon with very small teams...  so we cant use nucs..... and we cant sneak.... and we cant really push!win!destroy!...   God help us if we actually organize and use teamwork.   You are cursed if you use a Commander....  so I am not sure what the point of all that is .. .except to maybe allow some new players to gain a false sense of  SEE-CURE-IT-TAY   and corrupt the game.




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Nice to see you back in action!      I noticed you haven't been in action lately....     is cool.   life is hard sometimes.....

  1. Any chance you would consider going  16 min A.O.W. again?       we had some fun with that....

(now i really HATE to admit this... but ....    i wonder what action the server would get with:     15Min,AOW,NvN. 24/7.  

O my!      I don't play NvN, but i know some players reallly like it...    just a thought.  )

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  • Totem Arts Staff
2 hours ago, Atomsk said:

"All out war" seems interesting! Killing all buildings still ends the map, right? Is this on any EU Server? Not that I'd skip on a US server, if there's people playing. 

AOW just means timed match, if the game reaches the time limit, whoever has most points wins. You can still win by conquer (base destruction)

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AOW back on the Original CNC Renegade was usually set for 30 minutes on majority of servers that weren't custom. 

If i recall it use to be utter carnage for the last three minutes of the map where everyone would just go all out (no pun intended) 

Another game-mode popular back in the original renegade was CTF (Capture the Flag) that was pretty fun and gave you a break from Marathon (although in those days maps went on for days lol not even lying) and aow if it got a little tedious. 

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