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New SDK - SDK Installer & Launcher


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New SDK Delivery Method

We're changing the way SDKs are delivered! We're moving away from the gigantic zip packages, and instead towards using the same launcher we use to deliver game patches. This means smaller downloads for the user when there's an SDK update, easier creation of SDKs on the developer side, and hopefully more frequent SDK updates. For ease of implementation, this is being provided as a separate fork of the Renegade X launcher & installer, which defaults to installing to Renegade X SDK (instead of Renegade X or Renegade X Alpha) in your Program Files.

You can download the SDK installer below:


In-Place Updates

If you already have an older SDK version installed, and do not want to redownload all of the files (it's about 10 GiB download, larger on disk), you can try updating your existing SDK by downloading this launcher here. NOTE: DO NOT try to use the launcher from your game client, as it will download the game instead of the SDK. To update your existing SDK, just extract the launcher to your SDK folder as shown below. The folder layout should appear the same as your game install, as shown below (in this sceenshot, "launcher-9f74940.zip" was extracted to just "Launcher"):


With the contents of the Launcher folder looking like any other launcher folder:



The SDK the launcher/installer will download is up to date as of internal SVN revision #9999, so April 26 10:00 CDT.

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11 hours ago, Xtractor said:

worked good Thanks was a big update for me ..7G..Also once done I'd enter my Nick in the box that had pop up at first and that launched a Look a like Renx servers list launcher ..intended?

It's just the regular launcher, but downloads SDK instead of game. Launcher is still the same.

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