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There is entirely way TOO much Change MAP going on.


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There is entirely TOO much Change MAP going on.


1.  It is a big distraction from game play.

2. It often involves repeated distractions from game play.

3.   It is really ANNOYING and destructive of immersion.


I understand the mechanic and the value it gives to us players to control the fun.   It can allow us to skip a map with problems, or a when teams are small - choose an appropriate map.     Sometimes it is really helpful.  

But Sometimes it just seems to be used for petty reasons, is the cause of conflict and is used to no good end but to force players to give up 10 -20 min of immersion.

We all have opinions on maps,   I guess I wish we could diminish this aspect of conflict and enable the selection of maps to be more organic.    When the game starts, every action I take, every thing I observe - it all builds my commitment to play. The fun is in the Evolution.   Every time that is cut/ended/aborted! - my commitment to the game is severed.   My enjoyment is thwarted.  





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I agree. I have been documenting griefing/trolling by certain players who are spamming the map revote every minute possible - after a map was already chosen. I can post SS if needed?

  1. Map revote should have a cooldown of [10] minutes.
  2. There should be official lettering (e.g. red or yellow font at a certain screen position) so that players know it's an official MAP vote. Ive documented griefers using a fake map vote (survey vote with similar wording) to trick/distract players. Griefers used this to launch an attack while being a Commander = combining Griefing + OP = to win the match.
  3. Survey votes should only display to TEAM members. Everyday I join the busy server, I see griefers spamming off topic votes that have nothing to do with Renx or even gameplay. (Used to grief or distract - so other team has to press a key to get the vote off screen, or at least look up a moment.) So survey votes should be restricted to team view only, to reduce incentive of distraction.
  4. Griefers also spam the survey or map vote - to lock out the kick vote against them when we say kick X for spam/griefing.
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My 2 cents

  • All vote types should have cooldowns to prevent spamming the same vote over and over. (Have to take into account target or some votes, like kick. You might have to vote kick more than one person)
  • Vote kick should have some predefined reasons (Like, you can afk kick if they aren't actually afk)
  • surveys should have cool downs per user (I don't even think they should exist. Such a memefest)
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