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Ignore player command / Disable chat option


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I was thinking it from a while now. Nearly all games have it today and was wondering why it´s still not implemented.

Nearly everyone got a situation when someone talks only trash or spam very often.

Sure, there´s a vote system, but ..... you know ... democracy. I say only map changes * 3+ 😅


If somone got anoyed by an another one he/she should be able to ignore him/her and come to his/her own ignore list (server side).

While he/she is on it, the current player can´t get any messages (also private/radio commands) from this player. All others around can read/hear him/her.

Mods/Admins aren´t affected / can´t be added to the ignore list. Even votes can´t be ignored from an ignored player.


It would be just a normal ignore function to keep grown up kiddies and trolls at distance. 😋




Turn on/off the chat from clients side (Admins/Mods message and votes still shown up).


It´s the players own problem if he/she can´t read important messages, but it´s everyones own choice. 😘



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