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Pretty weird bug


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey there,

this bug is probably not very common. It happend on Under and I was on Nod. After we destroyed the GDI PP I was respwaning and wanted to by a stank an saw this:


Every tank was twice as expensive, as if the Nod PP was destroyed, but that wasn't the case...


... as you can see here. The thing, that made it even weirder is, that it had no effect on the price of the Infantry.


Unfortunately I forgot to ask other players in the match if they had noticed similar irregularities. Together with the crash of Under yesterday, it seems like something is not right with Under, like other maps in the past, but it could also be just a coincidence, I don't know.

However, I hope it will never happen again and there is no need to take action here.

Have a nice day!

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I've checked. There seems to be nothing wrong with the script themselves

However, the funny thing is that Power Plant death multiplies the price by 1.5x, not 2x. It would only be the case if the game thinks your airdrop is active. The takeaway is if you try to purchase, it might still decrease your money like how it should've been (not twice the cost) because the purchase is handled server-side

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