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You know you played too much C&C Renegade when...


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Guest once upon the time

...if you are stopped by the police with your car (due to excessive speed) and you accuse the cop he would be cheating as you are subject to a stealth tank.

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Whilst you're cooking, showering, watching television, attempting to sleep you're really trying to come up with a sound strategy for that map yet to be played or that last game you just played and lost and you're seeing visions behind your eyes of game content.

You're watching a movie and wonder if that vehicle, uniform or weapon would be a good fit for the Renegade Universe.

You're watching the Expanse and wondering why Nod soldiers couldn't repel the boarding commando's on the Donnager.

You watched the amazing game trailer for the latest C&C mobile game showing Commanders and then couldn't believe it wasn't actually for a FPS version of the game, which is what it seemed to be alluding to and were disappointed.

You're playing Renegade-X and have that de-ja-vu flash back to when you were 16 playing original Renegade back in 2001, you're playing Field or Under and you still hate these maps but play them anyway, you still wish you were out drinking with your buddies having a life and then realise many of your friends are from online games in other countries... and despite all the new maps the only thing you really want is C&C City Flying to return to the game and are wondering how damn hard is to create high rise skyline texture and skin a road anyway?

You actually managed Ascension via Jesus Christ and you're actually wondering what the psychic re-creation of this game is going to be like when you finally get chance to play it like a VR-immersion game, but in the mean time you fall out with someone from the game and get told to fall again.

The real reason you're meditating is to release the trauma from your hands, arms and back for all those karmic bad clicks or wrong key presses that were detrimental to the games just played.

You look at the terrorist bombing of the WTC in the original C&C TIberian Dawn and you compare this to the WTC terror attacks of 2001 and think this wasn't just an unfortunate coincidence. That the UN GDI is really just indoctrination into the UN as part of a future planned world government.

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When you start placing landmines in front of your entrance to the house.

When you r trying to place c4 on your boss stealthly.

When you start to plant really big stinky nukes in the middle of your neighbor's yard.

When you yolo thro your closed window to get outside faster.

When you are trying to open your parachute yoling thro your closed window but you cant.

When you rush Area 51 in chemtroopers suit.

When you reload your ink tube in your pen after every finished sentence.

When you airsoft guns feel real now becouse they cause more damage than assaul rifle.


Maybe I ll come with other stupid ideas later.

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when i'm in my factory to make biscuits, and after hours of work, i let my mind thinks about some random stuffs, and suddenly i hear someone say Defend the Harvester with the radio command' voice, i'm surprised and i look around me who tf said that but i'm alone and i understand it was only in my broken mind

when i'm in my car and a few seconds before driving in a turn i suddenly think "can i drift like RenX EMPed light tanks?"

when i'm watching a YT vid and i suddenly have a random idea for a APC rush on Walls but it's a divert cuz we're doing a gunner/rocket rush on plateau to destroy HON

when my brother says me he've done a top1 on Fortnite and killed 7 guys but i answer him i've done 29/0 on Islands

when i'm with my friends in a restaurant, we're eating meat and i suddenly say - to myself - "hey i love this meat, it have the same taste than burned GDI meat" (but my friends aren't surprised, they are used to hear me say some strange words)

when one of my friends is explaining me he haven't enough money to buy a new PC and the first answer who comes in my mind is "Defend the harvester" - the radio command, yea i really have a problem with that

when i'm talking to a girl at my work, she ask me what kind of songs i listen, i answer "eh.. some kind of strange japanese songs - i think about Eiji Kuinbii and Lily Scarlet Rose - and when she ask me what i do in my free time, i answer her "eh... what i'm the best to do.. hold the godamn infantry path!" and she's confused but she still talks to me for the entire day :) 

of course, it happened a lot but i can't remember more :/ 

Agent posted that a few mins ago on discord
and.. instantly... APACHE RUSH EYES

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When you almost lose a business cont(r)act cause you are distracted during the conversation cause something which draws your attention,.. 




(I have the same while stacking network switches :D)

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My boss told me I was scaring the customers.

I'm sure the world will develop AI androids capable of serving coffee in our lifetime, so maybe you're helping them prepare for the worst. I bet Eva's voice would be delightful though, apparently they found the same voice actor for the C&C remastering.

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When you seriously debate putting PUGs on your resume for leadership experience.

I was asked what leadership experience I had for a job interview at a public college and I couldn't say anything other than... "A cog in the machine" maybe being on the basketball team at Junior school was valid, I've not commanded yet, but no plans or intentions of doing so for a while.

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when you work in a factory, after 8 hours of hard work the next team has arrived (ty google translation haha) and the only thing who came in your mind is to say to your coworkers: Reinforcements are arrived with Cabal's voice (like in Hourglass when around 30th min u can use TS vehicles from beach/abandonned airstrip)

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On 1/30/2020 at 3:29 AM, HIHIHI said:

I snipe stanks (although I prefer 500 snipers) to show my teammates where they are. : )

Havoc and Sakura also have an SMG ya know which fires more rapidly...¬†ūüėĮ

On 1/30/2020 at 4:24 PM, Ghostscythe said:

When you're sad every time you remember you can't spam commands anymore :(

Take the Point!Take the Point!Tatatatatatatatatake the point!


There was always a limit on radio commands, but indeed I think it was more liberal in the original game. RenX relies more on the commander doing their /c messages to grab people's attention. Less susceptible to abuse I guess.

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3 hours ago, Mystic~ said:

Wait, what? Flame tanks have an alternative fire mode?!

You haven't been playing enough vanilla Ren I see ;)

They axe'd it in RenX and even had a discussion about it with the devs. The old flame tank showed both flames when alt fire, but Demigan and me noticed it would only scorch at one side. Some testing later and we found out it did double damage (or close enough), while the left side did nothing. This is great when facing basically anything. without alt fire you can only do max damage against buildings, sideways facing meds, sideways harvesters and mammoth tanks. Alt fire is good against everything. It made the flame tank a bit better outside rushes, like on hourglass rushing over the hill and immediately retreating after killing a tank or quickly killing infantry, but still not exceedingly useful.

It's a strange mechanic though. Not really fit for the semi-realism of the game. Just like the MRLS alt fire going out of only the right side (and not homing I believe? Can't remember clearly. I think it was great for those half hidden vehicles that the stupid missiles would lock on the middle of after some targeting). I mean it has this huge missile launcher on the back and firing only from one missile hole? It's right they removed them in RenX. Although I'm still for a rebalance of the flame tank, as it's a costly vehicle for a niche.

Edit: I doesn't seem very known though and hacking was suggested sometimes when using it. Especially when melting infantry with flame headshots. 

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On 2/12/2020 at 12:49 AM, crazfulla said:

This is perfect! Yes indeed alt fire was incredibly useful... a bug in the game that never got patched I assume.

Why would it be a bug? I think it's intentional. Just one side flaming, double damage and other vehicles (or just one, MRLS) have it too in vanilla. Still very useful. In the new one it's not needed though. The flamer got some love.

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