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Player Count / Map Choice


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Fellow Renegaders 

As with all good debates within the community about what is more ideal/suited to the game, And how it progresses. The topic that comes up now and then is the size of the player count for maps ie 24v24 / 64 v 64 

So my question to the entire community and forgive me if this has been talked about before on forum (can't see it anywhere) out of the maps listed within the spoiler, what would you define as the "ideal" player count for per map?


I don't see any changes to the current setup as it's always been 64v64 and i see no reason to change it. However it would be nice to hear what other people believe each map is more ideal/perfect player countwise. 

Map Choices (Apologies if i have missed any - you get 1 free kill in-game if this happens)

  1. Spoiler


    1. Arctic Stronghold
    2. Canyon
    3. Caves
    4. Cliff Side
    5. Complex
    6. Daybreak
    7. Desolation
    8. Eyes
    9. Field 
    10. Field X
    11. Goldrush
    12. Hourglass
    13. Islands
    14. Lake Side
    15. Mesa
    16. Oasis
    17. Outposts
    18. Reservoir
    19. Snow
    20. Snow X
    21. Storm
    22. Tomb
    23. Toxicity
    24. Under
    25. Uphill
    26. Volcano
    27. Walls
    28. Whiteout
    29. Xmountain







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Guest once upon the time

@AngryDave Could it be that you made  typing error  64vs 64 (128 player 😯)  . OK , was only an example from your side.

128 player map space only on Mount Harbour, but its not finished 😉

PS: I am a bit kidding.

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The default renegade maps (field, under etc) were small byu design. Probably either because the devs had little time to dedicate to map creation, or due to system limitations of the time. I don't think they were ever designed to support 64 players and I don't understand how people can find such games enjoyable. What is an ideal player count though depends on map size. A lot of fan made maps for the original renegade were larger. Some were several times larger. And those large ones were played regularly, despite low player counts on "Fan-Map" servers due to the absence of an auto downloader.

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hmm.. i remember a map called Tunnels but i'm maybe wrong - so many maps are never played
anyway, about map player counts, i think it depends of what you prefers
i.e. i loooove so much 32v32 on Walls or 25v25 on Islands - 32v32 can quickly become insane in tuns
Field is often played with 40+ players but it's too easy to camp in enemy base entrance with tanks repairs and AT inf
FieldX is really fun with 50+ players for have a good teamwork with tanks, repairs, AT infantry, snipers, and have few skilled killers in tunnels

about 64v64, hehe.. who wants try 64v64 on CNC-Park? :D 

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Based on performance, game-flow and map design having the player limit set between 40 - 50 is where we should be. Anything above that (as we know) causes things begin to warp;

  • In game lag spikes
  • increased likelihood of crashes / FPS drops
  • Breaks map designs (base locking is a common symption of this where all points on a map become contested)

FPI have dabbled with this issue a few times. The issue is well, us -- I prefer to play in games of 30+ anything lower and I will not join, and I'm not alone in this viewpoint. The issue is that we can have 10+ people waiting to join but these 10+ people will not go to a different server; they will all wait for the 50 / 50 server to open a spot.

This results in what I call 'the bottle neck' the way around this was to up the player limit to 64 which is enough to house pretty much 90% of the people wanting to play all at once. The only way around this is to 1) bulk out the community enough so that several several can be filled out at once 2) invent a system that entices people to join empty / low player servers.


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