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1 Year Renegade X Annviserary


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I know its been a while since i have been on the forums but i wanted to say thank you to the developers for making this amazing remake of c&c renegade and for improving the AI so much to the point. Skirmish is a blast, because i wanted to celebrate one year of Renegade X i decided to share some of the Skirmish experience with you guys. 

Oh and i wanted to try to play against Godlike Bots (Level 8) so any advice would really be appericated.


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On 11/26/2019 at 6:32 PM, roweboat said:

my advice if playing against level 8 (or 9, search the forum level 9 bots, hint: search Cheetoz) play on maps with silos and base defenses. Cap the silo before adding the level 9 bots. Then hold out until heroic and you might have a chance =D

Sorry for late message but I just played against level 8 (Godlike) bots in deathmatch and damn I hate the minigunners they kill you so quickly to the point you don't have enough time to react, the soldiers are pretty good although they can be annoying.

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