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RenX dreaming. i.e. Visions with no basis in reality


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I am on the battle field.  Our team is pushing the enemy back despite the fierce resistance.  We just destroyed their vehicles and their defenses look vulnerable.

I reach for my equipment and pull out a  VR beacon.      Small and compact, about the size of  C4.     It calmly blinks at me as if asking;    IS IT TIME?

As an Attacker my Virtual Reality visor will  notify me of other Attackers in the area by the highlighted aura around them.    From here  I can see 6 other Attackers in the mix of team currently on  the field.  Looking around I size up the situation and make the decision to plant the device.    Instantly  the ground around the VR beacon glows with soft pulsing light visible only to my fellow Attackers.

Almost as one they look my way.   Clearly my beacon is working as the light and sound pulse ever faster..   They know what i am thinking.    My voice is made clear by my actions.    My beacon screams at them !    LETS  PUSH IT   2 of the others agree and place beacons as well.     1 more then joins the fun and we are set.  The 4 beacons placed in proximity to each other synch up and begin to pulsate even faster...  faster and faster... until.....      NOW!

An Attacker Buff takes hold giving renewed emphasis to our desires.   Invigorated we push forward and crush them in a glorious victory of teamwork.

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You guys should be dreaming of Recon Bikes poppin wheelies liek this:

On 10/29/2019 at 8:31 PM, buttons said:

One time I had a dream I was inside of RenX, on Walls, but it was a zombie survival mode. 😮

That's a great idea. Best part is you don't need super smart AI, and it's even lore friendly - the zombies would be humans mutated by tiberium, and even animals. Oh snap that's an excuse to add the tiberium visceroids

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Another dream...

As usual i am in the game and the fight is on...      I buy my character and find a new button.    As i am curious in real/dream/virtual,   i press the button.

I am offered a menu of options.  The graphics make it clear that this allows me to tailor the inputs i will receive.    What the hell?? this must be a dream i realize...   ....  .. I know i am going to attack so i choose...   ATTACKER Mode.      The screen displays the result and i can see that i will be get All field notifications as well as Urgent base notices.  I am now included in an ATTACK Mode chat channel.    This selection does not include the DEFENSE Mode channel or the other Mode Channels.    I did consider enabling the    ALL ON    option, but this is a big game with lots of action and communications.....  dang i am smart even when i dream....  .     .                   .                                                    .        


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