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Ready check to prevent AFK players


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Who else hates it when a new match starts and the teams are imbalanced because of AFK people that may just start when the match is practically over?

To prevent situations like this i would suggest to implement a "ready check" button which you have to click when a new map starts to let you spawn like normally would happen automatically. This way the teams are even in numbers and both teams have the chance to contest for  things like 1st harvester/map control/early rush etc.

Note: AFK kickbots can't solve this because you need to be afk for a while before they take action, which is already too late.

Please let me know how you think about this idea.


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Think I posted this like a few years ago.
After a long and balanced game this happens a lot because ppl take a break. Imagine people vote Volcano and both teams have some afks. I've seen active players move to Nod when there is a chance to do so, while GDI starts game with a few till sometimes a lot afks. Offcourse the game, which allready favors Nod on this Map, is over very quick... Meanwhile more GDI ppl leave. 

This happens a few times after eachother and server is dead.

I am not a coder, but everyone should become spectator (for x minutes and then get kicked) till they press a button at game start. Would solve a lot of balance problems and I guess its not too hard to implement. 

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Added reason why this happens in post start...
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