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Interface command function request


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I don't think this already exists, but if it does, someone can correct me.

Is it possible to have some sort of command function for the commander role that places the last order given on the left side of the screen somewhere, maybe above the kill streaks and below all the other comm chatter. Any new message left would cancel out the old order or instruction.

For example, typing: /O Would list the message as an [order]. 

Orders: Assemble in the Airstrip with Mendoza's.

I like using the /c function in the team chat box, because you get the big clear message centre screen, but it soon disappears and you have to keep spamming it over and over. I think it would be useful to have something that remains on the screen the whole time in a noticeable colour that doesn't easily get lost against all the other text data streams.

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Yeah, sort of, what's the shortcut key for this panel? Does it still exist? And how do you create an entry? I had in mind some sort of statement between the two text groupings on the left, but it might be redundant now.

It's funny you should pick a screenshot with my old player name in it. :)

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Wait, what does /R do? I don't use this function. I like the idea of the message being 'sticky' and remaining prominent on screen, maybe centre top is a better place then at the side with all the other info.

It would be nice if there were also function keys or ways to switch off some of this other meta-data because the screen starts to become cluttered and information overloaded quite easily.

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I'm still wondering if this is possible? I don't like the look of the old objective interface box, too clunky and clumsy, but would still appreciate some place for writing mission orders onto the screen that you don't have to keep repeating using r/ or /c.

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