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Tiberium Sun X exists?


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Probably just old people (old devs) that loved tib sun (probably old irl too lmao amirite) that made the TS models that we have in renegade X atm. Titans suck tho.

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6 hours ago, Kaunas said:

Вероятно, просто пожилые люди (старые разработчики), которые любили Солнце Тибра (вероятно, старый ирл, слишком амарит), которые сделали модели TS, которые мы имеем в ренегате X atm. Титаны сосут.

I would have believed if not for a couple of facts:
1-Lucaciu Roland is an artist who worked on these artami for new models of this technique.
2-James Burner is a 3D fashion designer who created the concept-based Tick Tank model.
3-Waqas Iqbal is a person known to us by the new Wolverine and many content for Renegade X on 3D models. The most interesting thing: this person posted a screenshot with 3 rossomahs and Orca by James Burner in the background. (All these 3 people are subscribed to each other)
On April 4-1, two models of equipment based on the Lucaciu art: Artillery and Banshee were posted on Twitter on the game.



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  • Totem Arts Staff

Can't speak or the rest, but I personally know Waqas (Havoc89) just made the wolverine for fun in his free time.

He also made a Hover MRLS but I dont think it's on his art station. 


Edit: The HMLRS was lost in a hard drive crash years ago apparently.

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  • Former Developers

Oh those are cool. James and I went to the same school, I photoshopped his orca in that wolverine render, was fantasizing. 

And yeah I got as far as blocking out the concept for the HoverMRLS but lost it in the great HDD crash of  2017. Those were some dark times. But I was able to salvage the concept, it is actually up on my art station page.

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I sort of want to see some T-Sun Infantry I wouldn't mind Jump Jet Infantry and Disc Throwers facing off against Cyborg Infantry and Cyborg Commandos.

Maybe these tech classes and vehicles would help with the game flow as I had mention in the late game options start to become more restrictive as buildings are destroyed.

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Well renegade X will come out 2020

Same with cyberpunk

Same with borderlands

Same with.. well terraria will come out 2019.

For now lets just get 2 servers going eh?

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My first thoughts were that it looks like concept art for one of the C&C 3 mods, especially with what looks like a railgun upgrade for the Titan and the Juggernaut having the C&C 3 design.

But yeah, just looks like some test designs for the portfolio and experimentation.

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17 hours ago, vandal33 said:

You can always try TSR for those who want a Tib Sun version of Renegade.

You are not in the cruise, that there were no normal updates from Reborn for a long time? I'm not even saying that the developers simply took and replaced their models with models from Reborn, breaking my heart!

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