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RenX won't connect to servers


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I have seen a couple of posts about this issue but the only solution I could find was in relation to a version mismatch from back in 2014 (that isn't the problem here).

Whenever I try to join a server from the launcher, it just loads up to the game's main menu then stops. When I click Multiplayer, select a server and click join, nothing happens. This is in relation to any server, not just one.

Have tried restarting the PC, no luck. Could try a reinstall but from what I have read on previous posts that might not work either. ANy idea what it might be?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Does the game crash, if so can you provide the log file that is "/UDKGame/Logs/Launch.log"?
If the game does not crash, what do you see?
Do you use anything that affects your network, VPN, firewall, 3g modem, etc?

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