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i think the small autoheal mentioned in the april joke would fit renegade... not on every map of course... smaller maps don't need a CYard... bigger maps where base buildings are more spread around a CYard would help, so you don't need a humvee just to rep a few buildings back to full.


you could also make some CP (generation or max storage) or some of the commander abilities depended from the CYard... C&C Generals Style xD

but now that i think about it... in terms of renegade that probably would be more like the communication center...


anyway i like all those Tiberian Dawn buildings and loved to see them in renegade... remember the mission where you could destory an entire base of nod? i loved that one!

would like to see more buildings added to ren... even if not every building is good for every map... For functionality of the buildings there would be enough ideas... like making the nuke depended of the temple of nod xD

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On 4/18/2019 at 2:59 PM, Sarah. said:

We don't plan on adding the CYard to RX mode. It doesn't fit in with the gameplay and it would make bases too big.

That's a shame, because it would fit on very large maps like Eyes, Outposts, and Toxicity. All it did in Renegade was auto-repair buildings slowly, not rebuild them.

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2 hours ago, roweboat said:

I had a wierd dream that @Sarah. was actually lying and Con Yard's became a thing. To compensate for the size, they were built in to be apart of another building, for example attached directly to the War Factory or Refinery.


Maybe a little too much Renegade X for me HAHA

Personally, I would love to get some buildings with more interiors like from single player.

Maybe giving refineries that whole lower level with the furnaces and random machine parts or the Airstrips with more fleshed out control towers with the elevators/ladders and consoles in the control room.

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