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RenX not starting "This application could not be started."


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It was working fine on my pc but when i reinstalled Windows, it gave me lots of DLL errors (msvcp100, xinput1_3... and 10~ more)

I tried installing vc_redist, latest graphics drivers, DirectX but none of them worked.

I fixed DLL errors by downloading them one by one and putting them to Windows\System32, because this technique was working for other games.


Now im getting these errors:

32-bit: Giving this error with empty RenX frame after splash screen

Also when i press yes/no buttons, nothing happens.



64-bit: Instantly giving this error



help :(

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Hi there

This is a DirectX issue.

Coincidentally I had the same issue on my Windows XP server today.
First I installed DirectX 9.0c and that did not help.

Then I discovered that there is 9.0c and there is 11 and there is also DirectX "End-User Runtimes".

Installing the latter resolved the issue for me.
I suggest you try (re)installing those end-user runtimes.


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