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Installing via MSI file.


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Was looking at the other thread and it says posting here first before going on to try to use the full builds.

Downloading the MSI file is no issue, but when I start to try and install it just stays pending for a very long time.

I had an old file on my comp which I tried running at first and tried updating the game that way. I got in and could not find any games in multiplayer list and after looking at some other threads I decided I would just uninstall and reinstall. Wondering if this is also part of my issues.

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@nocookie4u hi there,

if you installed the latest launcher version: try to reset your game.

-> Open your launcher -> Settings (right top corner) -> RESET


in case this is not working:

delete any ancient (or just previously installed) version of Renegade X and remove any remaining folder manually

then rerun the latest launcher installer again (which you probably downloaded here

enjoy the game :) and welcome to Rx

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The installer should automatically ask for admin rights during the installation. I've noticed that it takes a couple of seconds for Windows to pop-up that Admin panel (and i've quite a new laptop). It could take longer on an older computer. Try wait it out. Check your task bar because the user-control panel will sometimes hide in the background when you are doing something else. 

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  • Totem Arts Staff
1 minute ago, nocookie4u said:

Hey Yosh, long time no see! 

I'm running windows 7. I'm using the same computer I used about 2-3 years ago, only difference is a graphics card update.

You probably already have a Renegade X folder in Program Files then if you had a previous version installed. I'd start with either deleting that folder or giving the Everyone group full control of that folder and its subfolders. 

The old installer tended to royally screw up permissions on some systems, making it difficult to make any legitimate modifications.

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@nocookie4u did you manage to install the launcher?

If not, I've a couple of methods you can try:

Check if there are any problems with Windows Installer Engine:

  1. Press Start and type 'cmd' and press Enter.
  2. Type 'MSIExec' and press Enter. If the MSI-Engine works correctly, you should not see any errors. A window might show up with information about how to use the MSI-Engine commands. If any errors might rise, please let me know.

Check of the Windows Installer Engine is up and running:

  1. Press Start and type 'services.msc' and press Enter.
  2. Search for 'Windows Installer' in the list and right-mouse click -> Properties.
  3. Check if the 'Startup Type' is set to manual. If not, change to manual.
  4. If you want to start the Windows Installer, press 'Start' button in the properties, or right-mouse click->Start on the Windows Installer item in the list.

If the installer has errors or wont start. Try to reinstall the service or just remove it.

Check if programs are interfering with the installation progress:

  1. Press Start and type 'msconfig' and press Enter. (you might get prompted with Admin panel)
  2. On the General tab, click Selective Startup and clear the Load Startup Items checkbox.
  3. Click Services, click Hide all Microsoft Services, and then click Disable All.
  4. Click OK and click Restart.
  5. Try running the Renegade installer again.
  6. If you finished installing Renegade, reverse the process by just select the Normal Startup checkbox in 'msconifg' (restart required).


If none of these methods work, there is one more thing we could try out:

Windows Installer Logging:

  1. Press Start and type 'cmd' and press Enter.
  2. Type 'MSIExec /I path/to/Renegade_X_Installer.msi /L*v /path/to/Renegade_X_Log.txt' (the '/path/to/' is the absolute folder path, you can use Explorer to find the file and copy the path and right-mouse click in cmd to paste the path)
  3. After pressing Enter, you should see the Renegade installation open. Just follow the steps. If the installation fails, try to wait for at least 5 minutes before exiting.
  4. You should see a new text file in the path you gave in step 2. Grab that file and post it in this forum so we could locate your error.


I really hope some of the above steps will work.


Source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2438651/how-to-troubleshoot-windows-installer-errors


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