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Mutant Raveshaw - should heal in Tiberium


Mutants in Renegade X  

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  1. 1. Give Mutant Raveshaw the ability to heal in Tiberium

    • Yes (just like the other C&C games)
    • No
  2. 2. Add more Mutant units to RenX

    • Yes
    • No

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Can we give Mutant Raveshaw the ability to heal in Tiberium, just like the mutant characters in the original C&C Renegade, and all the other C&C games did?

There are also other mutant units from the original Renegade that we could add as special crates (if @Havoc89 was planning on modeling and rigging them):





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Just remember that Epic units have an increased armour count over current units (by a significant amount) adding in a Tiberium heal would necessitate a reduction in that amount to balance out the healing that they receive (even if it only healed the health component and not armour)


They already have immunity to tiberium based attacks as well (you can’t kill them with another epic unit’s tiberium splash weapon, and I am pretty sure they are immune to the Chem thrower and tiberium flechette weapons)

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I only wish the Chem troopers have more resistance against Tiberium fletchette guns and auto rifles (mendoza's one if either of them are spies).

One thing I like about their chemical suits in Renegade is they are not only protection from tiberium fields, but also make them good counters against sydneys and patch (they were using tiberium weapons in Renegade).

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