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Sunday PUGs


Should Sunday PUGs return?  

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  1. 1. Should Sunday PUGs Return?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Actually this poll makes no sense, because people, who are not interessted in the Sunday PUG, wont vote for no here, because they don't fucking care.

But I think a return of the Sunday PUG is a good thing.

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1 hour ago, Redarmy said:

We never launched with less than 20 people though.

5v5 was an exaggeration. A poor attempt at humour.

It'd be good to see the Sunday PUGs return, providing people turn up on a regular basis week in week out. The last few weeks before the cancellation were quite sparse in numbers, and in some cases moderators weren't around to run it due to other committments. If it is a little more organised by the moderators then it'll be very good to see them back.

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Well we now have more moderators than before, so it should be easier to ensure one is around to help host.

@Xeon Wraith and @Gliven have access to the password from our Discord so even if me, @Sho-kun or @testman are not there to give the password, then we will at least be posting it in advance.

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I'll have more free time from next week and on,would be cool to have a chance to play some few 40 >  competitive games,especially after a certain event failed.Public games or Saturday pug are not an option for me.

Maybe try something new with the Sunday pug from time to time,also depending on the number of people who show up,like

-playing a mini deathmatch tournament (2 vs 2) in a cup format (few would like this idea probably).

-play on an aow server,when the time limit ends,all the players of the team with higher score go Heroic.

-play matches with new objectives for each team,the team that achieves all their objectives wins,or whichever team finishes their objectives first wins (objectives like finishing the enemy team with a certain rush,or destroying a certain building only with ion/nuke   etc ...).

That's all that comes to my mind right now,but yeah,the point is New Ideas

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