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5.366 bugs


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Ok, so this might be a known issue, and I'm not sure if it's new to 5.366, but on Field today, I saw the Obi shoot through the mountain two or three times. See the screenshot below.  I'm not sure if those people reported killed were killed by these bugged shots or not. I can't see any bodies when I zoom in, but then it's kind of low-resolution.



Thanks, HIHIHI

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Been that way since ancient times. Is a visual glitch only.


Obi and AGT both need to be rewritten. They're old, and a lot of their base code is from a different UE3 project apparently. They also are 'likely' what crashes clients on maps like Eyes/Field/Outpost. No logs get spat out to support that, but every single map that crashes clients in mass happens to have one of those. 

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