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Best video to show RenX Gameplay ?


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Also^^ I know there is so much things in Renx that could be impossible to show in short trailer .But mb a Global one and few others that dedicased on different type of gameplay (trailer 1 to 10) Some of the units voices are really funny would be nice to add to it .

I think someone that doesn't know renx wont look at a full game to start,,but like to see a glimpse of everything and many new features are added lets show it..like the commander rushes call and stuff

and btw lavadragon videos were awesome but new stuff are here and there a need for more 

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Could go for an EMP hitting an Apache/Orca rush.


Mass MRLS of course. 

Mass Mammoths... Gotta have at least one vehicle getting pushed into the ocean on islands. 

Any APC rush

The infamous Apache rush. 

Any Humvee or Buggy running over an AT mine. 

Mass Tranny drops are a must.


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16 hours ago, BubbleTea said:

i want a video that has a scene shows a lot of vehicles dying to a great cruise missile

We can arrange that. 20 mammoths would work?

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55 minutes ago, yosh56 said:

Mammoths dont die to Cruises. Meds or a mix of MRLS Meds and other vehicles would. Or use any Nod composition 

Unless you want a close up cinematic, empty mammoths can be shot down with 2 missles, one from nod and one from GDI, the explosion they make is amazing

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Speaking of trailer, I still think there is potential for us to record our PUG comms only (no in-game sounds) so that it can be put over RypeLcam of PUG demo.
Effectively resulting in this:


Now that I think of it, this trailer also shows team communication being important part of game. And despite me preferring Crysis 1 over 2 and 3,  this trailer still makes me hype as fuck:

Or, not necessarily PUG, we could just get on comms and go play public games. That would most likely produce much better results, as there would be no pressure that comes with competitive play, we could solely focus on doing spectacular stuff.
From what I understand, the currently most populated public server does provide demos of matches played, right?

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remembered Crysis 2 trailer
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