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Gamemode - CnC RPG


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CnC RPG mode - 
Each base has 1 of each T1, T2 and T3 character patrolling the base, all other players have an basic soldier skin (they pick one of the 4 free infantrt units as an base class)
As they play through at each rank-up they select an stat upgrade based on an existing character 
i.e. Speed of an Hotwire or Defense of an Gunner etc. 
But their model remains the same
All guns can be purchased through the PT terminal
Second rank up they pick their attack bonus
i.e. Anti-tank, anti-inf 
At the last rank they get to pick two, one def buff and one attack buff 
i.e. Speed or armour / rate of fire or base damage

These bonuses apply to all weapons

All patrolling bots start at Veteran, T2 are Elite, T3 are heroic

Bots patrolling cannot purchase vehicles and they don't respawn

When you die your exp bar resets, so if you're Veteran and are nearly Elite but then die - you're still Veteran but the exp bar starts from the beginning


Maps to have patrolling bots would need to be modified to enable this, as well as to prevent bots from running off elsewhere

As there is in the SDK an 'Rx_Game' it would probably need 'Rx_RPGame'

Longevity per game would be insane - maybe, I'd imagine that even if an RPG server is empty it would still be enticing for an solo player to join and be able to enjoy themselves, newbies would also have an easier time learning the types of units and weapons (the game mode would need an disclaimer or two)

I wonder how much of this could be done with an mutator - player limit would likely need to be 32 

Given that OldRen had an more basic version of this TDM style this might be worth exploring, if anybody who can dabble with mutators is interested

Commander mod would either be disabled or rewarded to the first player to reach Heroic

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Stealth generator wouldn't be purchasable or gained through a stats-buff

Given the player's character base stats would be buff'd there may be other weapons which gain an vast advantage too, it certainly would be tricky... perhaps depending on which free infantry class a player picks this determines which weapons are or become available to the player; but the stats buff options would still possibly be the same for each player per rank-up - if rank-ups were limited to Veteran, Elite and Heroic anyway. 

An improved rate-of-fire with Gunner's rocket launcher and buff to anti-inf could be more devastating than an doza gun ;) 

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