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[WiP] CNC Camp - Tutorial


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In this thread we want to post and discuss the progress of the official tutorial level, which shall familiarise new players with the basics of C&C game mode.


  • Let players learn, explore and experiment at their own pace
  • Treat players with respect (and not as idiots), but provide guidance where needed
  • "Learning by doing" and applying the information in practical examples
  • Realistic look and feel within the rules of C&C game mode


Setup & Flow:

  • The player spawns in a GDI Basecamp as Tier 0 (free) soldier, i.e. new recruit, and is subsequently treated as such
  • Tooltips give concise instructions how to do things
  • HUD markers and objectives will guide the player to points of interest, e.g. buildings
  • At POIs, content/tasks are explained in short monologues via stationary NPCs, or EVA or radio messages
  • The physical layout of POI and the order in which their HUD markers may be highlighted will follow a logical order, but the player is free to explore and activate (some of) the POIs in any order
  • POI tasks will gradually increase in scope (e.g. obstacle course, capturable tech buildings, defend harvester, mines, attack enemy outpost, commander mode, up to finally destroying the entire enemy base), thereby enabling the players to
    • apply earlier lessons
    • choose their preferred way of completing a task
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  • Developer
3 hours ago, j0g32 said:

Yeah, there's a lot of open spaces.

The only "constraint" is that the RepPad should ideally be located "after/behind" the WF, when the player is leaving the training grounds.

I feel in the centre between AGT, PP, WF, and Ref would make sense?

Ye 😃

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Just don't attempt to remake the oldRen tutorial level but instead have a fresh tutorial level with influences of the old one. A 1:1 tutorial level remake doesn't help when there are things not in the original Ren anyway imo. Besides, I think RenX should have a Nod-based tutorial level instead of a GDI-based tutorial level as Nod have certain things which do not transfer onto GDI so it might be more beneficial. 

Perhaps use of the survival bot spawners will help too after a certain point in the tutorial


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