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Is it me or is Renegade-X Launcher's weird?


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https://imgur.com/a/Nl0KT for a couple screen (shot/capture)s. It always tell me there is a newer version than v0.00. I tell it to update too! Also, it gets stuck at verified even though the launcher and game works.

Overnight, my long download got stuck so I had to abort and retry, but my old updated 64-bit W7 HPE SP1 computer got very slow with its HDD in intense mode. Sometimes, my old PC froze.

Thank you in advance. :)

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19 minutes ago, Sarah! said:

I would recommend using this link here.


This is taken directly from the Official Renegade-X Discord announcements channel. You can just drag and drop the files into the Launcher directory of your RenX installation.





Perfect and thanks. That worked. Weird bug! Too bad it can't be fixed. :(

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6 hours ago, achronalfighter said:

Didn't solve anything to me. The download keeps failing, and every time I restart, it has a tendency to completely lock up my computer.

Also, when it DID finish, all it did was produce error messages, close down and when I started it again, it began redownloading everything.

Could you provide your launcher version or the error that is given? 



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With the recent update, it happened again:The update failed right when it started the "Applying"-phase. This time, I remembered the error message: "Die Objektreferenz wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt."

The object reference is not referring to an object instance.

That is, this error only occurred the first time I ran the update. The second time, when all the update files were already present, it applied without a hitch.

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