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Downloaded and tried it like 4 months ago just to see how it was.

It has its own executable file, not launched via the standard Renegade X launcher, it ran smooth without any issues.
only played 2 missions, has good immersion and sexy environments, gameplay feels quite cinematic.

What made me stop playing after 2 missions was the bot AI thats as dumb as dirt, that and the "RETURN TO THE BATTLEFIELD OR GET REKT" map boundaries that caught me off guard to often.
After defending some MLRS from NOD infantry i took a small shortcut over a grass patch to assist GDi troops and got punished hard, made me ragequit.

Its really close to being good but it needs some more polish i think, maybe it has gotten some more love since then, idk.
definitely plan on trying it again some day.

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I got this working and enjoyed it a lot.   Yeah its kinda simplified, but the graphics took me back in time...

The whole opening sequence was worth the price of admission... . and a nickle more.


It makes me wish a single player  version of renX could be made...      ? possible?

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