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I used to play a lot of Command & Conquer back before EA ruined Westwood too.  YouTube recommended me a video on Renegade X a month or so back, and now I'm here.

Installing the game now... anything I should know?  Good time for NA (PST) player to hop on?  Still having problems with cheaters?

Looks like a sweet ass mod you guys made.  GDI for life.

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Welcome! This is truly one of my favorite games of all time. Unfortunately at this time of night (you posted about 15 minutes ago), you won't find many players on as they're all sleeping EU players. Tomorrow morning the servers usually fill up around 10-11AM PST. I prefer medium sized games, so my window to play is usually between 7-10am.

Both factions are great and have their strengths and weaknesses. There IS a pretty decent learning curve in this game so be ready to figure a few things out as you go along. Probably worth mentioning in all-chat that you're new so the other players don't yell at you.

Biggest tip I could give you as a newbie is to leave mining to the more experienced players. There aren't many ways to unintentionally team-hamper, but that's one. Another is to not get out of your tank unless you have the cover of base defenses or you'll get it stolen by the enemy.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

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Welcome to Renegade X, every additional player is a blessing, low playerbase is the only real problem this game has, otherwise its super awesome.

Haven't actually seen a cheater in this game ever over a year of gameplay, heard some story of a player being able to instakill building with rifles but thats it.
seeing people blatantly accusing superior players of cheating used to be quite common though, has gotten better.

Definitely leave the mining to the more experienced players, once you go above the mine limit they start to disappear from other places.
If you have to mine, its 3 mines for each door as a standard, if your team have leftover mines after each door is mined they usually go on stairs connected to buildings or tunnel exits and paths leading into your base.

if you see the mine limit dropping (displayed by a small counter on the lower mid of your screen) scream "MINES!!!!" in team chat and people will do a security sweep of the base, it usually means enemy infantry has infliltrated a building and are about to blow it up.

some other tips.
The light tank is hands down the most versatile vehicle ingame, just saying. <3

Always go for headshots, like 3-4 times the damage or so with every weapon, including tank shells and such.

Tanks do little damage to infantry, even from direct hits, aiming for the ground they are standing on and using your splash damage is usually the best way to kill them unless you can headshot them (very hard),  you can also run them over for instakills but you risk getting C4 on your tank.

Every vehicle has a turbo, just a every infantry can sprint, hold down left shift to go faster at the cost of maneuverability.
If you sprint and do a jump while letting go of the sprint at the same time, you will keep your momentum midair while not spending any of your stamina, and then just repeat it as soon as you land. a little handy trick for making your infantry unit run a bit further.

A few infantry units has grenades, press "X" to select them. i think every infantry type has the grenade icon but only a few actually carry them.

Press "Q" while mouse hovering over enemy units and you will report their presence via radio to your team. can also be used to "request a ride" from friendly vehicles or to request repairs on friendly buildings.

Every veterancy level increases your vehicle speeds, your overall health and damage with everything, at "elite" level you regenerate health slowly.
Being a field repairing technichian/hotwire i find to be the fastest and easiest way to grind the veterancy up.



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27 minutes ago, Syntharn said:

The light tank is hands down the most versatile vehicle ingame, just saying. <3

Id say the med tank is. The light tank in Ren-x is garbage in my opinion. For slightly more speed, it loses out on everything else. An apc can almost 1v1 a light tank.

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18 hours ago, Gliven said:

Id say the med tank is. The light tank in Ren-x is garbage in my opinion. For slightly more speed, it loses out on everything else. An apc can almost 1v1 a light tank.

Blashpemy! the light tank is a divine multitasking wonder machine :D
The med is definitely a strong number 2, but the light tank is more than meets the eye!

Since it has a smaller Hitbox it also means that it gets hit less than a large med,
it has more agility to, which means you can dodge better and run over infantry easier,
and its turret can aim higher and faster than a med, which makes it better as an anti air veichle.

however these perks fall kinda flat if you have above 100 ping, cant dodge crap with a delay on everything.

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