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Trolls claiming to be new players


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Today there was a player who, in my opinion, was trolling and team hampering. He overmined a lot and when I called him out on it, his response was "it was swafflen". I made a !modrequest and when Sarah shows up, he becomes more apologetic and says it's only his second time playing. According to the leaderboards, he's pretty new but has 36 games under his belt so I don't buy that "I'm new" argument for one second. To me it is mind boggling that a player will blatantly lie about overmining when everyone on the team can see "player is overmining by the power plant". We told him we'd kick him if he didn't stop hampering but he said he'd come right back and ruin the game for us.

How do you even respond to this? It seems like this game attracts some really young and/or immature players. I've also seen players just like this TH guy calling people [email protected] or n!ggers. Wish there was some sort of "etiquette reminder" private message that gets sent to every player that joins the server.

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