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[Level] CNC-Sumo


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Here's a list of Bugs I've founded so far



- As GDI the only spawn point is the dropoff point of the Airstrip (You used the buildings actors from actor classes and NOT the prefabs)

- You can't switch to Nod when in game (You die but won't spawn as Nod)

- Somehow the Airstrip. The damage effects are already triggered at the beginning


- UI is bugged as hell with silo's (See bottom of screen)

- Minimap isn't set up correctly

- Why 4 silo's in Both GDI and Nod's base??? UI can't take it. They r bugged aswell: Getting credits while they arent captured (UI thinks)

- The "Arena" is very crappy made. Collisions and textures aren't great (Can model a proper model If u want, PM me)

- Floating Scrin Ships???

- The lava death is really awful. Maybe make a damage volume and give it a lot of DMG per second

- Background way too visible


- Missing A LOT OF DECORATION!!! No grass, bushes, Crates, Containers or whatever.....

- I call this quite lazy :/ Texture way to scaled and for an infantry perch..... Put in some deco pls. And just use landscape to make it 10 times better :)


- Fix the lines on the landscape (everywhere on the map)


- I don't think tree's aren't THAT small (Almost has the same height of a char)

- Missing Tib DMG on tib fields

- Check all of your collisions when you create an air map


- This looks really awful


- Why blocking volumes around the map with aircraft?? Give it more background and Softboundary volumes

- There's a "death trap" over here. You fall through it, you won't end up in wonderland, but in lava


- This map sucks without ground vehicles. Make it ground vehicle friendly. Stanks can "climb" ;)

- No building ramps???

- The map is too small for aircraft. Make it ground vehicles only


Overall I think you shouldn't have released the map this early. Needs a lot of work in the first place. These bugs are just found by random testing stuff. I guess when @DarkSn4ke and Try-Out test this map they wil find even more bugs that I found. The current state of the map: unplayable atm :/


I'm sorry to be so negative about it but it's not a real good map atm.

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This isn't a map to do ren, just a map to sumo. I did wonder what would happen with 8 silos on it.

Not sure why GDI spawn on the airstrip. That's odd. 

Aircraft were a "why not?" Decision.

Its just a map to sumo on and was made in less than 24 hours. Not for actual team based destruction.

If you want to make a real arena based on the one in this map @TK0104 then please feel free.

I'll iron out the rest of the issues.

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So is it a Deathmatch map?

It looks way too big and open, I think if you'd make it smaller and put in some more obstacles it could work.



Have team spawns on North and South for GDI, East and West for Nod, put a projectile blocking energy field around the arena, make it so you can't exit the arena, except by jumping off into the lava.

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Ah I see.

Getting in and out of your tank really fast makes you usually win the push fight. You should make a custom vehicle you can't get out of within a certain custom volume (look at how it's done in the soft level boundaries). And without a weapon so it's just pushing and not shooting eachother. Edit the buggy maybe.

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