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Your Favourite Unit


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I only play Marathon, but I'm more an all-round player, there isn't any real 'favourite' I play. Here's a list of the one's I use most:

GDI Infantry: Patch, Hottie, Havoc, PIC.

Nod Infantry: Tech, SBH, Raveshaw, Sak

GDI Vehicles: APC, Med (MRLS is only for camping or sometimes for presure tactics, but most ppl just mindlessly camp...)

Nod Vehicles: All vehicles except the buggy and the light tank.

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These are my favourites, though I don't normally use them, as I can't be bothered saving up. I normally just waste my money on 500 snipers. :P

GDI Infantry: PIC Sydney

Nod Infantry: Raveshaw

GDI Vehicles: Med Tank

Nod Vehicles: Mobile Artillery

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For fun:

GDI Infantry: Gunner

Nod Infantry: Laser Chain Gunner (great if Repair gun picked up)

GDI Vehicles: Medium Tank, Orca

Nod Vehicles: Light Tank, Apache

AOW/Sniper/CW mode:

GDI Infantry: Hotwire, Deadeye

Nod Infantry: Technician, BH sniper

GDI Vehicles: Medium Tank (or teching them), Orca

Nod Vehicles: Light Tank, Arty (or teching them), Apache

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GDI Infantry: Hottie, Deadeye, Shotgunner, Standard GDI Soldier

Nod Infantry: SBH, BlackHand sniper, Raveshaw, Tech, Shotgunner, Standard NOD Soldier

GDI Vehicles: Medium Tank, APC

Nod Vehicles: Artillery, Stank, Light Tank, APC

Sorry for the long list :P

They really brought good memories while playing Marathon servers, standard AOW, sniping servers.... :lol:

I would say, different situations require different characters. And always aim the head.

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