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Problems when building lights in SDK


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PS: Sorry in advance if this forum already exists but i couldnt find anything related to it so i created my own thread 

so i'm currently working on a map , but my problem is whenever i try to build lights, SDK crashes

i don't think i have hardware or software issues ( just in case something might be wrong here is my PC specs)

  • core i7 5th gen
  • nvidia gt 750m
  • 250gb ssd
  • 1tb HDD
  • 16gb ram

when i was building the map i converted some static meshes into movers  .... im still new to SDK so i dont know what that is but i did bcz when i was laying out the track decal (to designate the vehicle path) the decals were overlapping the static meshes that i was using ... converting static meshes into movers got rid of the problem

i tried building lights for a single selected object...low resolution... preview.... but no matter what i did it kept crashing

please advise and thank you in advance

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  • Developer

There are 2 important things, when you try to build your lights:

  1. The Lightmass volume
  2. The world properties

The Lightmass volume is basicly just a big box around your map (it shouldn't be too big ofc).



The world properties are a bit more difficult. I'm sure you can find some tutorials to set them up in the internert, but you can also copy them from other maps. So if you want to make a night map you could use for example the Directional Light and the world properties from Volcano.

Interesting for the Lightning is only "Rendering" and "Lightmass".




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On 9/4/2017 at 9:21 PM, Henk said:

Try if it works on a nearly empty map, just create one with midday/afternoon/night lighting (doesn't matter which one), move the white cube and build lights.

If that works and your map doesn't we're one step closer to fixing the problem.

i tried it .... and it worked like a charm on the default templates of SDK

but my map still has the same problem

god know what i clicked in the world properties and light propreties, now when im building lights on preview quality SDK dont crash but if i take it up to medium its back to crashing

i tried tools/check maps for errors and i got some errors... the below errors to be exact (dont know if they have anything to do with the issue1.thumb.jpg.470c21c8644ef97ff27a1919a14de934.jpg 

12 hours ago, Fffreak9999 said:

Is this a new install of the SDK?

If so, then make sure you unblock UnrealEdCSharp.dll (in binaries) and check SwarmAgent.Options.xml to make sure that the file path is correct on <CacheFolder>

i found the thread in forum somewhere on how to properly set up Swarm but that is not the problem..... even after i build lights on preview quality this is what i get2.thumb.jpg.9a08e4b7b4ea458cf9f6bdcec64df729.jpg

i am willing to send the map .udk file if that will help get a better look at the problem

thank you guys for your assistance

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