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Field Easter Egg


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so credit to @limsup for finding this and pointing it out. 

I'm not sure how long this has been in the map, but its a great homage to Old Ren. its an audio clip near the Communication center. Maybe most already know about it?

I had to listen to it like 10 times to understand it, but thats because it refers to some dude mocking @Aircraftkiller back in 2003 lol


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2 hours ago, roweboat said:

Amazing. How did you know it was him?

Well, you know... I had a semester of data mining during University, and while that is certainly true, it has absolutely nothing to do with this  :D

He told me. xD

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I hope @Aircraftkiller will eventually return and re-make some of his old Renegade maps for Renegade X :)


On 2011-06-13 at 11:32 PM, Aircraftkiller said:

Here's a short list courtesy of someone who was apparently trying to compile everything I had done for inclusion into some "ultra mega map pack":

C&C_Bunkers.mix | Version 2.0

C&C_Basin.mix | Version 1.2

C&C_BasinTS.mix | Version 2.0

C&C_Beach.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_City_Flying_Exp.mix | Version 1.2

C&C_Country_Meadow.mix | Version 2.0

C&C_CYTeamDM | Version 1.0

C&C_DMCenter.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_DMCenterTS.mix | Version 2.0

C&C_DMConYard | Version 1.1

C&C_Eglin_AFB.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_Flight_Deck.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_Forest_Trail.mix | Version 1.0


C&C_Glacier.mix | Version 1.1

C&C_GlacierTS.mix | Version 2.0

C&C_Golf_Course.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_Land.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_Mars.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_MedicalLevel | Version 1.1

C&C Metro | Version 1.0

C&C MetroTS | Version 2.1

C&C_Metropolis.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_Mines.mix | Version 1.3

C&C_MinesTS.mix | Version 2.1

C&C_River_Canyon.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_River_Raid.mix | Version 1.0

C&C_River_RaidTS.mix | Version 2.0

C&C_The_Woods_Today | Version 1.0

Of course, this list doesn't include the levels I made for RA:APB... Of which there was a substantial amount.

Mahi: I'm in Wekiva off Hunt Club.

Frog: Thanks!


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