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Bit of an odd one here...


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So, I just updated (and subsequently reinstalled) Renegade X after being away for a few months, having needed to replace my CPU and Cooling System after the latter crapped out on me.

When using the launcher, the game will not start. At all. I don't even get a loading screen - my mouse turns into the little spinny gizmo for about 3 seconds then nothing. Zip-Zilch-Nada. UDK.exe process is running in the background, but other than that, no dice.

So I do some basic trouble shooting, going down the list in the various FAQs, still nothing. Then I try just running the 32-bit application on its own - same result. Then I try the x64 version, and at last it starts! Rejoice and be merry, and all that.

The conclusion I come to is that, naturally, the Launcher goes for the x32 version (because the x64 version isn't really supported). Is there any way for me to hook the x64 version into the Launcher instead of the x32, if only as a stopgap?

It's worth noting that the game was running perfectly normally via the Launcher 3-5 months ago on the same hardware configuration, so I'm not sure what's changed in the meantime since I got identical replacement parts. I'm also running the game on a drive other than my C:\ drive, which I was doing before with no difficulties. I'll try reinstalling to my C: drive just to see if that changes anything.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional x64, have an 8-core 4.7GHz CPU, have 32 gigs of Ram, and running with a GeForce GTX Titan X GPU.

I am open to suggestions, as I'd like to run the 32-bit version from the Launcher if only to have parity with everyone else. Getting the Launcher to hook to the 64-bit version would be a nice stopgap, but ultimately I'd prefer the former solution, not the latter.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Well, after frigging around with things a bit, it turns out that there was some 3rd-Party software banging around in the background that I could have SWORN I'd disabled ages ago. Killed those processes and removed them and shabadoobie-wow everything worked flawlessly.

Well, I was pretty sure it was something I was doing wrong in any case, but I'm glad the problem largely resolved itself.

See you all on the battlefield, and don't feed the visceroids.

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