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Launcher Change Log

Totem Arts

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This thread will be updated with every launcher patch, briefly describing the purpose and changes in each patch.


Change Log

0.86 - April 23, 2021


Changed default value of "Use 64bit" option from False (unchecked) to True (checked)

0.85 - May 7, 2020


Added server name prefixes (i.e: [Official])

0.83 - April 10, 2019


Added 64 bit option

Fixed issue causing server list to not be populated for a substantial amount of time

Start Server button now launches a server on Walls instead of FrontEndMap



Player names can now contain multiple words

Refactored self-updating to be more resilient

Fixed a bug where concurrent downloads were only downloading from a single server

0.81 - Jan 30, 2018


Fixed Launcher self-updater

Improved download performance by adding support for concurrent downloads
    - Removed "Source" UI element, since users now download from multiple mirrors simultaneously

Improved patching performance by multi-threading patch application phase

Removed all launcher and patching dependencies from renegade-x.com website by moving https://renegade-x.com/launcher_data/ to https://static.renegade-x.com/launcher_data/ 

Renamed "Cancel" button to "Stop Download" when patching, to emphasize that patches can be later resumed

0.76 - June 22, 2017


Added SHA-256 hash check to launcher self-updates

Fixed UE3Redist.exe hash mismatch issue

Changed some spacing

Replaced "Skip startup movie" option with "No movies" option

0.75 - Feb 28, 2017


Launcher should now begin downloading the next file immediately, instead of waiting for hash verification

Download meter should now actually work again

Replaced all SHA-1 hashes with SHA-256 hashes

Removed UDKSeeker

0.74 - Sometime after Feb 20 but before Feb 27


Fixed a thread safety issue that prevented downloads

0.73 - Feb 20, 2017


Fixed an issue where the UE3 redistributable would repeatedly download without ever succeeding

0.72 - Feb 20, 2017


Probably fixed an issue where installation ceased halfway.

The launcher will now avoid redownloading files when possible (i.e: if you exit installation and resume later).

0.71 - Feb 13, 2017


Launcher now attempts every mirror before giving up, instead of being bound to a single mirror.

Stricter hash checks when patching (should reduce corrupt downloads and provide better security)

Authorative/unchecked data (release.json and banners) is now served over HTTPS

0.70 - Feb 12, 2017


Added line on update/install window to show which mirror you are downloading from

Mirror selection is now download speed based rather than ping based

Resolved hang during mirror selection

0.69 - Feb 10, 2017:


Security update - instructions.json is now verified for correctness when downloaded from a mirror



Fixed various bugs involving mirror integrity/synchronization.

Added internals necessary for an IRC client; unused and inaccessible until finished.

Changed border color to black


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The launcher patches over the last few days mostly targeted improving the game client update/download/verification/install process. I'll be genuinely impressed if we have any major issues with the installer from here on out.

Some of the new hash checks won't take effect until the next game patch.

We're also expanding our distribution network to include a few new mirrors; instructions on how to setup a patch mirror will be setup in the Server Owners forum eventually.

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  • Developer
2 hours ago, DarkSn4ke said:

R.I.P. loading screen? @Agent

since the latest launcher update there are no more loading screens? you get a screen freeze and then you spawn when the map is loaded :/

Only happens when you've enabled 'Skip Movies' in the settings

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