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[Level] [Map] CNC-Tunnels


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[Map] CNC-Tunnels


4 Structures per team (Refinery, Power Plant, and the Infantry and Vehicle structures)

1 Machine Gun Guard Tower per team

1 Respawning Rocket Emplacement per team

2 Vehicle entrances

1 Infantry entrance

Lots of paths and different tunnels

Symmetrical (mostly)

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@Fffreak9999 No! Don't update the new Tunnels version on Mara/AOW yet - only Test server is fine....

Will post the bugs in a couple of minutes :)

### Edit: ###

7ada2db0dec9465b9802ba40545edf05.png broken minimap :(

2d4591da5a5f494ca9c1ac384bdf8e62.pngbroken sunlight in Nod tunnel (near Airstrip)

18705dcdfbca48c189d7e190a69ae06c.pngabove the new tunnel branching (mid map) is a small - extremely funny - collision... your Humvee goes breakdance... your MedTank flying.


5229cf8a1c1f493f837c1d024e44357b.pngflying APC due to the colision :D

48decd48ab6346559b78be7c4f9678b7.pngas you can see.. we had a lot of fun :) TEST it! its amazing :P

a48d0a8048824f6ab1be43c9c1ca4358.pngTry-Out managed to get a Nod APC cave in the tunnels (near branching, see collision screens above)

b4f98d21a5e2408f86797bc4d7b6e399.pngvehicles can access the inf new infanty path (both of them)

1245e0279f12421b952654103aaaf3f8.pngfloating stones near GDI PP

f717920eecf44f5597ecf1876891e388.pngthe bushes in (both) Tib Fields got collision. Nod harvy gets stuck there sometimes :(

1350358f88eb4936b3dc47911f2d6631.pngthe green mushrooms glow too strong

3e1c4e5478a54fe0b8737496c442efd7.pngit's possible to climb the PPs (also GDI PP - SBH on top of a stank can easily jump on PP)

Stuck places:





4decd2adb625470394ba61f45eb3b844.pngGDI base infantry entrance

Hope we got everything. Happy fixing Henk :) the new version looks good!

*** Special Thanks to: Try-Out ***

Edited by DarkSn4ke
added bug screenshots..
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I swear I put vehicle blocking volumes all around those new infantry ledges, fixed now.

Vehicle breakdancing was caused by the upside down terrain from the cave, it was invisible but still causing collision, flattened now and should be fixed.

Bush collision fixed
Minimap fixed, forgot to set it to UI mode.

Made the Vehicle Blocking Volumes on PPs higher and converted them to Blocking Volumes (Any non-flying map should apply this by the way @Ruud033 (Don't know who's in charge of this so I tagged you, Ruud) )

I adjusted the green light's brightness from 6 to 4. Can't see the result untila fter I build lights.

All those stuck spots fixed.

Building lights tonight.

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@HenkAccording to Try-Out the "vehicle breakdance" issue is NOT fixed..

Didn't test the new version yet. Maybe tomorrow...


EDIT: Alright @Henk I can confirm Try-Out: The upside down cave terrain collision is NOT fixed. But there's no more real vehicle breakdance :( [I loved that! :x]


at first I tried to find the collision again with a buggy.. I failed :( but Nod APC worked [reticle]


other side - same problem


as in the previous map version (1.3) Nod APC caves in the mud


while trying to free my APC it tipped over and did a weak breakdance :x but got destroyed...

Edited by DarkSn4ke
Tested the new map version myself..
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  • 3 weeks later...

@Henk Ok, time for a double post... sorry that it took that long but I got a bit lazy regarding RenX map testing (or posting..)

following screens are from Try-Out:

Bad collision / breakdance area:




Floating stuff:






Green muschroom glow (too strong):




Hope thats everything you need to fix that great map :)



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  • 2 weeks later...

Map updated to version 1.4



Fixed all problems posted by Darksn4ke, including the vehicle breakdancing.

Added more hills to the field.

Converted the Dominant Directional Light to a Directional Light, less crisp shadows when Dynamic lighting is turned on, but this way the map has the same brightness for people who have Dynamic Lighting turned off in the settings.

The lighting was also pretty expensive, I'm getting 12 to 15 FPS more now I've changed the light

Filesize of the map and package in total has been reduced by 80 MB.

Added a forest to the back of Nod's base

Added a lake to the back of GDI's base

WF's vehicle rollout nodes fixed for bots.

New mini-map.

Mushrooms can cause short-term psychedelic side effects (make sure you have post-processing enabled ;) )


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hmmm, all in all well done, but you need to rework most of the boulder collisions.

Most of them are "useless" for glitchers, except to annoy the enemy or lure them at the other side of the base for distraction, but 1 collision glitch will get a certain building (Ion)

will upload the screens within the next hour I guess :o

PS: once again I tried to get out of the map. failed again :D


EDIT: so here are the screenshots...

Floating grass etc.: [T.O. screens]

2fe7045b46684d93912f5a206a719132.pngGDI side

8138e803bb874f3d9f090ff6ef59174d.pngGDI side

35f0349fcd474993a1f799689f1ae9dd.pngNod side

Stuck spots:

bf2d9ec4911742f1acc47cc5f7497be1.pngyou can get out of there by JUMPING/CROUCHING (but not all the times)

9b3568fe61e04fcaadb85f08b327bf83.png100% stuck, there is absolutely nothing but suicide / getting killed / enter a nearby vehicle to get out of there :o

Infantry path vehicle collision near GDI WF:

This is no real bug, but some Nod players might get surprised by GDI vehicles rolling over them here:

909876dd5ae543cc93f21dc2257aeae4.pngusually the collision is in front of the tank barriers. so GDI vehicles could surpirse Nod infantry here ;)

Harvy routes / speed / harving cycle time / whatever you want to call that:

1. Dump: Nod harvy dumps ~23s before GDI harvy starts to dump

3. Dump: GDI harvy has a delay (to Nod harvy) of ~ 54 seconds


Nod-Harvy-Route: ~ 2:50 min

GDI-Harvy-Route: ~ 3:08 min


Usually the harvesters get destroyed a lot, so this is a bit theoretical, but... if the Nod harvy survives they have an enormous time advantage (at least in my opinion :D)

Was that intended or not? By killing harvesters the team kind of balance the different harvy times anyway & a slow / fats harvy at start can both have advantages / disadvantages (attacking / defending them)

Bad boulder collision - nuke / ion glitch:








Ok, I masked the screens above as they are not that interesting. You can glitch nukes / ions into the boulders but they can't hit a building. BUT... of couse they can be used for distraction / annoy the enemy team... and on all the posted screens nukes / ion vanish COMPLETELY. you can't see them (not even the blink) but you can hear em... though some players have problems with that xD

Last but not least: Ion -vs- Airstrip:

60444bc9add44d92b7c6cfbd41966a4a.pnguhm yeah... I chose on of the bigger boulders so the Ion gets 100% out of sight... but... yeah. I died, Strip survived :(

Next try:

c5d80457ed704e9e88a8f9a0e7ce8349.pngpartly visible - Nod players can disarm it but have to hold position / disarm the beacon from a certain point of view...

f8b1222b369446fab8df822cd2245e84.pngKabooooom! :x



to enjoy the Magic Mushrooms you need to enable * Post Process Effects* !



Edited by DarkSn4ke
Screenshots uploaded...
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Update: T.O. found another missing collision xD


Update #2: HoN roof



seen this glitch on Xmountain some months ago, but so far I wasn't able to reproduce it.

Should be able on any non_flying map (unless the mapper added collisions)

Update #3: weird collision bug (been tracking that one for AGES) :o



dunno what to think about that bug.

Experienced it a couple of times now, on almost every map.

First time on Lakeside. It's some kind of collision bug. But I think it's only POV related. For T.O. I was still on top of the HoN.

It's rather hard to reproduce that bug, it usually works with a vehicle & any collision, then jump upon it, but it's hard to describe it goodxD



Edited by DarkSn4ke
HoN glitch
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Fixing the stuck spots and Ion spots, but getting on top of those structures is possible on all maps, there's no missing volumes. I'll block the HoN and Bar roofs just in case but I don't think it's likely for an enemy to get on top of them before getting destroyed.

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  • Developer
18 minutes ago, Henk said:

Fixing the stuck spots and Ion spots, but getting on top of those structures is possible on all maps, there's no missing volumes. I'll block the HoN and Bar roofs just in case but I don't think it's likely for an enemy to get on top of them before getting destroyed.

People who ion/nuke the roof a non-flying building should be kicked :)

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yeah we know that roof jumping is possible by default. but as it's so easily avoided with some extra collisions mappers should prevent that. There's always a nag who wants to win b illigitimate means.

HoN jumping is only possible with stankz (at least if you are alone) so it shouldnt be any problem, but jumping from stank on top of barracks could get annoying. and unless there is an admin playing at the same time / seeing the glitch... it takes to long to do anything about it -> could ruin some players fun.

what about the harvy timing? intended?

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Yes it's better to prevent it from happening than kicking after the damage is done. Barracks vehicle blocking volume is now higher, and Strip and HoN now have (more) blocking volumes to prevent people from getting on top of them.


As for the Harvesters, Nod's is slightly faster, because the airstrip drop-off is closer to the tiberium than the WF garage door.

I have put GDI's Tiberium node slightly closer to the base, but bringing it too close will make it easier for GDI to defend the harester (less time to run for defense, more time for Nod to get to it). Also the difference does not become bigger over time, the difference in seconds stays roughly the same. If I would bring GDI's Tiberium node closer, GDI would catch up to Nod and in the long term get an advantage.

So it is recommended for GDI to initially be on the defensive, focus on defending their harvester and anticipating an early rush. That's Nod's advantage, but Nod's disadvantage is that their Airstrip is quite exposed.


There is a "Harvester Harvest Time Multiplier", but it changes it for both teams, and even if there was another function, the disbalance would still be there because of the position of the Airstrip compared to WF.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I got a little story to tell you guys here..
It starts like this:
I join this RenX server
Actually it's not an AOW server but a Marathon one
Playing Goldrush for a looooong time
You know, Goldrush, it's a nice map, but in this case
We're not talking about Goldrush.

Well, I join
And there's this guy
And he's talking
And you know who he's talking to?
He's talking to me
The problem is
I don't know if I can believe his stories
He goes like this:
Dude I got super-top-secret-confidential-map-data-which-fell-down-some-lorry-and-its-going-to-be-part-of-the-new-RenX-patch!
But he doesn't seem to get anywhere
Still… He must be talking to me

So I persuaded him to share his top-secret-map with me.
And this is the result:

Welcome back to vEhIcLe BrEaKdAnCe!!!

Sorry @Henk but... you just did it once again.

But don't worry, we're abslutely sure you'll fix it within minutes.

Don't want to go into detail here [Henk already got the most important info via PM, this is just the public review ;)]

Stuck spot:


cec999fd0f154955ad5bbaa7fa5cba80.pngGuess this happened when you fixed the glitchy boulders ;) it's a 100% stuck spot. there's nothing but death to escape :P [or a nearby vehicle...]

Collision related stuff:


9404fda8a423448c8cfbe4f69b937644.pngwell, you missed to fix that one [we reported it before... I think xD]

And.. just for the fun - some more Breakdance screens:




Unfortunately we're not done testing yet... :(

Altough we hope that this is it... damn we can't be sure..

As I've told you on CT server @Henk I f*ckin want this map released with the patch - but without any bug xD

Or you just leave the Breakdance as it is. Best Easteregg ever. It's not a *match-winning* spot :D

nah... even though we love the Breakdance... it needs to be fixed :o



PS: sorry for my *HAHAHA-found-another-Breakdance*-SPAM msgs yesterday, was a bit drunk while testing ;)

Edited by DarkSn4ke
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29 minutes ago, Henk said:

But the problem is solved now, hold on to that version if you still want the vehicle breakdancing. Organize tournaments about who can make the sickest jumps and stuff.

thats a nice idea :D

at least you can train this as the breakdancing is not random but triggered by the collisions corner. Rest is determined by vehicle physics, impact angle, maybe speed.

and some jumps are just great :)

But as you do now know how to create Breakdance spots in the first place I guess you'll avoid them for your next map poject :o:(:P

Edited by DarkSn4ke
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You know Henk... I :x Tunnels. It's my personal custom made favourite.

And others like it as well ;) [from what I've head in TS]

But.... we didn't look for release bugs yet xD [you never know...] I found some possible breakdance spots on other maps. But Tunnels is unrivalled in that aspect.

But someone else could write *real* feedback / a review about Tunnels ;) Maybe @CampinJeff or @Quincy or someone else with more tactical RenX knowledge

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Played a good game on it yesterday, full server, 40 minutes, both factions 2 buildings down, but Nod dominance most of the time, we (Nod) eventually won by multiple nukes and lots of airdropped APCs.

A lot of people said they liked it, some people on GDI didn't and said it was a total Nod map, but I'm not so sure about that when it took us 40 minutes and it was pretty even for a long time.. I think having played 1 game on the losing side is not enough experience to get a definitive opinion on the map. 

Only thing is maybe the front base entrances being a bit too wide making it very easy for Stanks to move in, but you do need to kill the GT before being sneaky with a stank becomes effective, and the GT is pretty safe from being sieged.

Some said the openness gives stealth an advantage, but it also gives GDI's heavy armour tanks, and the long range Gunner a good advantage, Patch too to some extent. So conclusion, I don't know for sure yet, it's difficult and there's many different aspects, and you can never draw conclusions from just 1 game.

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I've heard about that match in TeamSpeak (while testing Eyes xD)

I don't think Tunnels is imbalanced in favour of Nod. Yes, Nod has strategic advantages (fast 1st harvy, possibility to use scary LTs right away) but there are plenty of GDI tactics to counter that... Problem in public servers: team communication ;)

and people have to get used to the map first. or at least to the changes... :D

And... seriously we have to wait for 30-40 players PUG Tunnels matches. Then we'll see much more strategic gameplay (at least I hope so xD).


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Agreed, even better if the PUG players have all played the map a couple of times before. And by the way, the amount of time I saw Stealth Tanks cirectly behind the GDI Ref (checked on the map) without them being detected was huge. GDI should have had a patrolling APC since their GT was down.

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  • 3 months later...

Hey @Henk,

we've missed some things during the pre-release testings of the current Tunnels version.

Sound issue (destructibles covering HoN tunnel):

You can hear the sound of the wooden planks getting destroyed anywhere on the map. Guess the sound settings are set to infinite range (as Ruud did on CrashSite with the Scin ship doors?).



 stuck at GDIs sniper perch

stuck at Nods sniper perch (no full stuck though)

stuck near GDI WF (yeah... very unlikely someone gets stuck there, but people do stupid things :P)

hardly noticeable on this screenshot, I'm standing on a collision - for others it looks like I'm floating.



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