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Marathon PUGs


Move PUGs to Marathon  

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  1. 1. Move PUGs to Marathon

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I agree, I've always hated losing because of points especially if your team is technically doing better its bs. A good example is this is last weeks game on Fort, if it was marathon GDI would have won as there was nothing Nod could do and as the game is now most matches don't reach the time limit anyways.

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Well, we can try it out and see how it turns out in PUGs.

It has been discussed often enough that both game modes have their pros and cons.

But in general I would prefer to just rise the time limit to about 90 minutes, since most matches start to get boring after that.

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2 minutes ago, Valor said:

Increase the player limit if it's marathon.

Marathon or AOW doesn't correlate with player limits in organized games. We didn't even reach 40 last pug, and having more than 40 people on Teamspeak and in game will be an absolute clusterfuck. 

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1 minute ago, Valor said:

What about the regular CT marathon server? Frequently 40/40.

That's the public server, if it were 100/100 I wouldn't bat an eye.

Having 20 people on your team talking on microphones already would give you headaches and would make it difficult to properly coordinate anything. Commanders in particular need to be somewhat aware of what each of their teammates are doing and adding more to that burdens them

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When the winning team begins to steamroll the base into oblivion the losing team will still take away the wonderful feeling of destruction away from the winning team, no matter which game-mode. :D

In any case, there was that one time on Islands where GDI could have beaten our glorious Brotherhood of Nod had they had a minute longer to kill our Hand of Nod thus voiding our points victory. I swear I could hear a chorus of "Bullshit" coming from the above TeamSpeak channel.

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