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Refill always possible with full health


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I know that it is not a bug, but its really annoying extra check for full health and armor shouldnt be too complicated (if it is, or if the mining system is going to be changed, just ignore this)

Mining is already done not often enough and should not be more painful just for reasons...

If you mine two buildings or the hon you sometimes have to wait 7 seconds just so you can get new mines...

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On the topic of refills, is it possible to add an option that...

"Even when on cooldown, hitting the refill button exits the menu." or...

"When on cooldown, disables the menu for 1-2 seconds" (to prevent hotkey mistakes)

Sometimes in an intense situation I try to refill (or just intense mining), and I press "r" while the refill button on cooldown and then press "2" (on reflex) to get out my primary weapon. If it is on cooldown, I may end up swapping to a Shotgunner class instead of whatever I was originally.

This sucks when one is a Hotwire and tries to refill when the Bar is destroyed, only to accidentally change classes...

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