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Mutators Directory?


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Hey guys,

I need again a little bit help. :rolleyes:

In which folder i have to place custom mutators?

I found this little tutorial http://renx.wiki/wiki/Mutator but it only says

"Several mutators are included with Renegade-X itself".

Hm , but it says nothing about custom mutators :/

I tried to put them into my "game-directory/mutatorname/Classes/mutator.uc" and made an entry

into my server.bat but the console only said "Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Class ..."

What am I doing wrong? :confused:

Regards Chris

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Packages placed anywhere in UDKGame/CookedPC should work. The example mutators are in the RenX_ExampleMutators package.

For compiling mutators, you should download the SDK.

The wiki page could use some additional content if anybody feels like contributing.

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