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PC shuts down.


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Hi There :)

I have not a lot time to play games anymore ... job/family ... you know ;)

But now I am a "grass widower" for a few weeks, so i came back to play a little :D

The Problem is:

If I play RenX a longer, or sometimes a very short, time my PC just turns off ... completely ... like someone cut the Power on a desktop PC.

It only happens with RenX :eek: , and it never happened b4 (even with other versions of RenX)



Intel i73630QM (4 x 2,4GHz)

8 GB Ram

GeForce GTX 660M (Driver up to date)

The game is installed on a SSD drive

I know its a Laptop, and not the newest Hardware, but that havent been a problem with any game yet!

did that happen to anyone b4?

any ideas?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

game log would help

but id the pc is shutting down ... it usaly means something is wrong with hardware would suggest running some stress tests like Aida64 https://www.aida64.com/

run each test in turn and see if ya pc shuts down ... cpu ram and gpu .... if ya pc does shutdown ... go though the test logs it should tell you why my bet is overheating

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Thanks guys :)

like I said, it happened only in RenX so far.

Because I thought it might be a overheating issue I did Stresstests b4, GPU and CPU 100% load for 15 Minutes ... No Problem

Thats why I thought it might be some issue with the game


I did not think about the RAM ...

and it seems to be the RAM, aida64 cancles the RAM stresstest after around 2 minutes

speacial thanks to Kenz for reminding me about the ram :)

guess i have to get a new ram bar :S

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