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So with the latest patch, people have been complaining about the damage of the laser chain gunner. I have to agree with this.

I just ran a quick test to test the damage per second of the LCG, and I discovered the following:

Time to destroy APC: 18 seconds.

Time for Raveshaw to destroy APC: 23 seconds

(For raveshaw, the APC was at 0% for my last shot, otherwise the times would have been about the same)

Also, Raveshaw has to reload three times, while the LCG only has to reload once.

This does not seem right to me.

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Tis a well known fact. Granted the TTK for Raveshaw and Sydney isn't necessarily ever going to be faster, as they already have advantage of being able shoot from safety and almost never expose themselves. LCG have to stand in the open to do any actual damage.

That being said, their vehicle damage probably is getting toned down

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