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Since installing the Patch 5.2 and following, Renegade X requires administrative rights to be launched. This problem did not exist before the patches were installed. I re-installed several times rom an administrator account but I do not have administrative rights when playing, and we were unable to find a way to launch Renegade X from an ordinary user account.

How can Renegade X be lauched from an ordinary account without admin rights? The PC is running Windows 10 version 1607.

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Im just gonna quote myself from a different topic:

I am running Windows 7. Looking at the launcher on the filesystem, there is a UAC icon on the exe file, which probably means that the 'run as admin' is part of the manifest.

I ask because it is considered a poor practice(and a bad idea) to require programs to run as Admin at all. Programs should only request the minimum level of permissions that they need. In this case, most of the time the launcher does not have to install anything, so it should only ask for elevated permissions when it actually has to install anything. In terms of downloading files, my understanding on Windows is that downloaded files and other configuration files that can change should not be stored in the Program Files directory, but in a separate directory for the user(C:\Users\).

Just to hook in on this. Yes, I'm fully aware that requiring Admin right for the launcher isn't the best solution. But to install the game, it is required that it runs as an Administrator. Also, all the custom content needs to be in the UDKGame folder inside "Program files" and the only way to do this is to get Admin rights. The UDK doesn't read files outside of the "Program files" folder thus it is a necessary evil.

The only solution I can recall right now is to utilize the "Virtual store" folder in the AppData\Local\VirtualStore path. As this is one of the "Shadow" folders used for this kind of stuff. I'll have to test this. For now, the Launcher is stable and working and that's the priority at the moment. I'm trying to loose the Administrator right as I also don't find it the most elegant solution.


I'm working on removing admin rights necessity.(Almost there)

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