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Console Commands for character swap and spies?


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Instead of needing to get to a terminal for character change (or advanced character purchase) is it possible to change character via console command in offline skirmish with permissions?

Also, this would be great for spy units, particularly with testing. In earlier versions the SBH spy would get shot by automated base defenses, so testing with the SBH spy thanks to console command would be very ideal instead of gathering crates for several hours until you get SBH spy. Also, Chem spy is a great thing as you can freely explore and test the map (great for a map developer to check up on his/her project) as tiberium terrain won't harm you and any automated defenses will ignore you, whereas Chem dude on team Nod always gets fired upon by GDI defenses if he gets in their range.

Notably in offline skirmish, spies are pointless against bots unless you're a cloaked SBH spy. If you're an SBH spy, great, bots won't attack you unless you get too close to them (or you uncloak) and enemy automated defenses will ignore you. If you're on team GDI and use a spy other than SBH or use a spy on team Nod, good luck, you'll need it against the bots.

It's ok if not possible, but would be nice if such console commands do exist.

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