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Feature Request: Alternate building & vehicle textures


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I was wondering if this is ever going to be implemented into the current version:

With all the desert and snow maps it would be awesome if the tanks would change a little over time.

Being able to replace the building textures would also be nice, having a small layer of snow or dust on the buildings would look so awesome. And maybe someone would be even willing to make 4K textures for the structures.

I know there's been talk about this but (when) is it coming?

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In the upcoming patch, there's a mostly unused TheaterType setting that can be set in Rx_MapInfo, which is set by the level designer. Currently, this just affects the Medium Tank and Light Tank, as those are the only vehicles that have alternate materials available at this time. This functionality could easily be adapted toward Infantry and Buildings, but there would still be no materials available to make use of this.

To add Camo to a vehicle, something along these lines needs to be set in its DefaultProperties block (though this example shows the Medium Tank MICs):

CamoForest = MaterialInstanceConstant'RX_VH_MediumTank.Materials.MI_VH_MediumTank_Forest';

CamoSnow = MaterialInstanceConstant'RX_VH_MediumTank.Materials.MI_VH_MediumTank_Snow';

CamoDesert = MaterialInstanceConstant'RX_VH_MediumTank.Materials.MI_VH_MediumTank_Tan';

CamoUrban = MaterialInstanceConstant'RX_VH_MediumTank.Materials.MI_VH_MediumTank_Urban';

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I made the building meshes and thus textures override able in the next patch so you can apply materials you like to them. For ex a snow or sand shader

I'll teach you how to do that if you create the shader yourself first. The problem lies in the building LOD states.. More details later.. First try to make them shaders :P

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