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A delay when turning any vehicle


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Hi everyone, I'm having this annoying issue when I'm driving a vehicle. There is a delay between the moment I press a direction to turn the vehicle to, and the time it actually turns to that direction.

Could someone please give me a solution for fixing this issue?

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Have a lower ping.

No seriously: vehicles are mostly server-side.

Blame EPIC Games on that one.

What could be the reason for developing it in that way?? What does turning a vehicle have to do with the server? and why is it not the same thing with the characters?

Is this issue not going to be fixed in the future patches?

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physics (vehicles bumping intostuff, each other and running over people) are calculated server-side

But there is no delay when going forward and backwards in a vehicle, that only happens when I turn left or right, so why is turning left or right is the only movement that has a delay.

That doesn't happen in any other game, why is this game has this weird logic of making turning an annoying thing for me or anyone else who has the same problem.

Honestly if this game wants to go for larger audience, the developers should fix these issues that are encountered by those who live in a country far from the server (US server for example). I'm choosing this server because EU servers are empty, which are the closest servers to the country I live in.

I'm in Dubai, United Arab Emiartes by the way and played the original Renegade, which is why I would love to play this version.

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