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What's your favorite cocktail?


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Hey guys,

I'm organising a small festival for about 500 persons with a team, I'm in charge of the cocktailbar. Last year the tequila sunrise drink didn't sell well, people just didn't like it.

So this year, I'm planning on introducing a new cocktail! Do you guys have any tips?

Keep in mind that it shouldn't take hours to complete 1 cocktail because we also have to sell them :P and that takes time

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None, cause I am not really into cocktails.

But for festivals mochito used to be it, gin tonic is now the most popular mix. You can also make a 'raketje' just like the ice cream. Look it up but it contains three layers with bacardi razz (I guess one fifth), Sinas (3/5th) and Coebergh / 'bessen' (or use Flugel in it on top).

What's the line-up, anything dnb related?

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I don't know where the borderline is between a cocktail and just a mix of rum/whiskey/wodka and soda.

So I don't know if Mojito is a coktail or a mix but I see that one a lot at festivals. My favorite mix is Bacardi Oakheart & Cola.

You can also check out some websites with cocktail recipes, there's a lot of those websites with crazy cocktail ideas.

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I ended up at @ Turkish kebab shop in the middle of the night cause a girl I was with is half Turkish. Almost died due the longdrink glasses Whisky...

Back on topic; Bounty island (served in a coconut) sounds like a good cocktail:

1/3 rum

1/3 blue curacao

1/3 cocosmilk

And a bit of pinapple to top it!

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The lineup will be nothing special, nothing dnb related ;) more beach-themed. Probably more EDM / 80s 90s.

I know I can also search recipes on several websites, I've found a tonne already! However, I'd like to hear your inputs first :)

Meanwhile I've got 5 to choose from

* Hawaiian Punch (Hawaiian iced tea)

* Margarita

* Mojito

* Red Mambo

* Painkiller

* Long Island Ice Tea

(google them for recipes as I only have Dutch referencing websites)

If you had to choose from those, what'd be your favorite? ;)

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Old Fashioned.

1 1/2 oz Bourbon & Rye whiskey,

2 dashes Angostura bitters,

1 Sugar cube,

Few dashes plain water

Served: On the rocks; poured over ice

Standard garnish: Orange slice, Cocktail cherry

Its harsh but after the first few sips the tastebuds give in and it just goes down so well you can get drunk as fuck in a few glasses.

P.S. No male can say they don't like it without sounding like a weak whiney little bitch who can't handle their booze. ;) (Tactful selling point tbh)

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