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PATCH needs rebalance


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If you take a look at all other classes, then you will notice that Patch is the unbalanced one.

Why ?

If you consider its damage,armor and range, than it is too fast for such range and damage.

Yes I agree Patch is too fast. You can run with him easy to the Obelisk on Field and he won't charge

You can't snipe patches and are hard to kill

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We can argue about his speed, armor and rifle dmg ect. and maybe adjust some things to rebalance him. But what is really stupidly OP about patch right now is his grenade. As free inf you just simply die with full hp when hit by his grenade and even with 1k units you lose over half of your hp and still have to deal with a super fast and strong unit

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IMO Patch was fine in 5.15, shouldn't have been buffed. He was already quite strong in 5.15 but people really started noticing in 5.16 when he got even stronger.

I must say I really love his rifle, the grenade is a really fun mechanic, I hope it stays in. and just the damage gets nerfed.

Maybe keep his damage vs heavy tanks the same though?

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