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Multiple Harvestable Fields?


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Anyone know or can speculate on the likelihood of intentionally having multiple harvester endpoints for the current single harvester to go for?

Got the idea by how GDI Harvester sometimes tries to go over the wall ramp on the side instead of the front door. Wondering if a map like BunkersTS could be made for instance, where the harvester has nodes for both tiberium fields and can randomly select one.

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This will require rescripting of Harvester and its' pathing logic. Right now it's a very basic cycle

1. Get the team's Harvest point

2. Get the team's Unload point

3. Save points to memory

4. Begin pathfinding to Harvest point

5. Goes to Harvest point

6. Begin pathfinding to Unload point

7. Goes to Unload point

8. Back to 4

That means it's that simple, it just looks for the point(s) regardless of numbers of points, and will randomly pick one of them (usually the same ones throughout the mapping if my prediction is correct) and will always use it for the rest of the game.

Unlike players, Harvester doesn't seem to have any logic to alternate through paths. It just picks the path it likes, and goes that way. It will take account on any changes of course that the players might cause on the Harvy

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